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Short term lodging | Short-term corporate housing

Boardwalk Realty & Development and the companies affiliated with it provide equal opportunities for housing to everyone. We provide
short term housing facilities to the people in need of a temporary shelter. Instead of living in ill-maintained and small hotel rooms you can opt for Short term apartment rentals at almost same prices. We provide short term housing facilities to a number of government contractors and military personnel that are posted in our area for short periods of time.

Boardwalk Realty provides Retiree apartments to the retired personnel. The apartments we provide are fully furnished and professionally decorated. Basic utilities are included in these apartments like cable television and internet service. The minimum rental period is 10-weeks. At our Tradewinds, Breezin, or Poseidon properties short term rentals are not available.

The pricing of our properties are based on following factors-

1. Properties are provided at a 1-year lease term. Surcharges are added on lease shorter than 10 months between May and September.

2. Short term Rentals are the same as rates quoted for 12-month rentals for October through April.

3. Rentals for the furniture provided by Cort Rentals at all our properties are-

  • 1-bedroom apartment $325 month

  • 2-bedroom apartment $425 month

4. Cable/Internet services are provided at a rate of $150 per month.

5. Monthly charges for electricity are

  • 1-bedroom apartment $150 per month

  • 2-bedroom apartment $175 per month

If you have budget constraints and wish to have your own electricity, cable, and internet service, the monthly rental rate for the unit selected is the monthly rental rate plus the short term surcharge. No discounts or promotions are available for short term rentals.

Please also refer to our pet policy page in case you wish to keep a pet with you.

Due to our popularity among Military and Student Residents, we have been efficiently working since 1985. We wish to get the same amount of support and motivation in future as well!!

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